George Strait Live From Lincoln, NE

On Saturday night, I had the opportunity to see George Strait in concert for the second time. This time, he was in Lincoln Nebraska at the Pinnacle Bank Arena.


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As part of my journey with my 360° camera, I wanted to see how well the camera would perform in that type of environment on Automatic settings. I would just click the record button, turn off the display and let it record while I continued watching the show. Unfortunately, it was an epic fail. I will definitely need to figure out settings for darker environments.


The show itself, fortunately, was a booming success, as was my Pixel 6 camera. The night started when George’s opening act of 40 plus years, Asleep at the Wheel took the stage promptly at 7:30. They played several of their hits during the course of their 1 hour set, including their famous song Route 66 as well as Hot Rod Lincoln, among others.

After a 30 plus minute intermission, George finally came out of the tunnel to thunderous applause from the 15,000 fans in attendance. Upon taking the stage, he kicked off the set with the song Heartland and I Can Still Make Cheyenne.


The stage is set in the middle of the arena in a diamond shape, allowing George to sing a couple songs from 1 corner before moving to the next corner. This is a staple of the George Strait concert as it gives him a more intimate connection with different parts of the arena.

Here For A Good Time, I Saw God Today, Check Yes Or No, I Got A Car, Wrapped, Easy Come Easy Go, and Ocean Front Property rounded out the first trip around the stage, each song eliciting a huge cheers from the audience.


He would go on to sing two songs at a time around the stage a couple more times with songs that included Give It Away, Every Little Honky Tonk Bar, The Chair, Fireman and Adalida among many others before ending his main set with Troubadour and Unwound.

He then took a bow towards each section of the audience before heading for the exit while the band continued to play. Once he had cleared the tunnel, the band followed behind.


The crowd began turning on their cell phone lights and cheering for a return of the king. He was all too happy to oblige, returning to the arena to the loudest cheers of the night, the noise was near deafening. He then performed a 4 song encore performance of All My Exes Live In Texas, Take Me To Texas, a cover of Tom Petty’s You Wreck Me, which showcased solo performances by several of the Ace In The Hole band mates, then finished the night with The Cowboy Rides Away.

On a night that saw George return to Lincoln Nebraska for the first time since the 90’s, he gave one heck of a performance, playing 30-some songs over the course of two and a half hours. Judging by the fan reaction when the King returned for the encore performance, the night was loved by all in attendance.


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