Omaha Zoo 360° Butterfly Pavilion Walkthrough

On our recent visit to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha Nebraska, we walked through the butterfly pavilion with my 360° camera. See some of the pictures below as well as a full 360° video.


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The Berniece Grewcock Butterfly and Insect Pavilion, or Butterfly Pavilion for short, which first opened its doors in May 2008, is a multi purpose complex that houses a butterfly ecosystem on one side and insect viewing on the other side. In the basement and viewable from a deck accessible by taking a walking trail around to the back, you can see a lab area where scientists learn more about the insects in the facility.


The butterfly side is the main subject today as that’s what draws the crowds! Upon first walking into the pavilion, the butterflies will be on the right side of the entrance, or follow the crowds.

The entrance to walk into the butterfly enclosure is guarded by a double sliding door system that helps the workers ensure butterflies are not escaping. They’re also able to limit the number of guests inside the exhibit so as not to overwhelm the walking path.


Walking through the exhibit, you’ll see lots of greenery for the butterflies to munch on. Additionally, there are several food dishes set up with fruit such as grapefruit and oranges the butterflies can snack on.


As the entire area is wide open and free of nets, you will need to be careful on your walk so as not to accidentally step on a butterfly. Also on your way out, they’ll have you shake your clothing and check the mirror for potential butterfly hitchhikers.

After leaving the butterfly area, you’ll walk down a hall towards the insect section. Along the path is a board with lots of different butterfly species, allowing you to see the variety of butterflies in the world.


Inside the insect pavilion, a variety of insects can be found, behind glass enclosures, for a closeup view. Some small birds are also viewable.


Thank you for reading along. The butterfly pavilion really is a small but beautiful and important part of the Omaha Zoo. It’s definitely a must stop for our family any time we have the opportunity to visit the zoo.

A few other details from the zoo website regarding the Butterfly and Insect Pavilion: Viewed from the sky, the exhibit resembles a winged insect. The butterfly conservatory features waterfalls, an Amazon water lily pool, exquisite butterflies, moths and hummingbirds. The insect pavilion is home to ants, spiders, scorpions, walking sticks, mantids, centipedes, roaches, beetles and a host of other amazing creatures. 


And as promised, the 360° walkthrough video of the butterfly area. I didn’t get the best video in the insect area, so if you’d like to see that side, leave a comment and I’ll follow up with another video on our next visit.

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