Lincoln Children’s Zoo 360° Photo Report

I recently visited the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Lincoln, Nebraska as you may recall from my previous postings here and here. Today, I want to share some 360° photos with you to show you around the zoo.


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We couldn’t have picked a better day, weather-wise. Clear blue skies and low 60s for temps, it felt great walking around the Nebraska spring weather.

We saw many visitors throughout the zoo, a lot of buzz circled around the giraffe enclosure where two baby giraffes were available to view.

There are a couple of different viewing spots to see the giraffe family. The other side is higher up and offers a lettuce feeding area, allowing visitors an up close interaction with the tall animals.


The zoo offers numerous play structures throughout to allow children the ability to both learn and play all day. Most of the play areas are outdoors, however, tucked away in a corner of the zoo is The Secret Jungle building, which houses an indoor climbing structure along with some adorable monkeys.

Since I mentioned the monkeys, here’s the cutest picture of the day award winner. (Ok, made-up title!). These guys were quick, so if you didn’t have the camera ready, you were getting a bad picture, like this one! Still adorable, right?


Sticking to the play structure theme, here’s another area that includes a dino dig sand play area, a climbing structure, as well as the crooked house, a small house for kids to play inside. Spinning around, you can see several zoo buildings, but most appeared closed during our visit.

Many animals were also out on display and having a great day seeing so many visitors, including these Ring Tailed Lemurs. A couple of them gave my camera a funny look.


A bald eagle was also hanging out quietly in his enclosed structure. There’s a couple heavy doors leading into and out of the area to ensure he doesn’t escape.

About the only animals not out were the penguins. Everyone wanted to stop and say hi to them, though.


That concludes my review with 360° pictures. We enjoyed our afternoon at the zoo watching the animals enjoy the spring weather. The zoo itself is small, but easy to walk around in a couple hours. And with so many play areas, I didn’t even include all of them, the kids have lots of fun as well.

A few other activities available at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo include a goat petting/feeding area, pony rides, and a train ride around the zoo.

Comment below with your favorite animals to see on your trip to the local zoo!


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