Lincoln Children’s Zoo Train Ride

When it comes to going to the zoo, one of the best parts is taking a train ride through the zoo for a different perspective.

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That train ride at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo is no different.  The kids get so excited about climbing aboard the ZO&O railroad to ride the rails.  Continue reading to see a unique video of the train ride.

The zoo expanded a few years ago, placing the train depot more in the middle of the park now, rather than at the main entrance.  The old entrance remains though and is still used for the depot, gift shop and a few other things.  

If you look around the 360° image, you can see the zoo block letters, then up the hill beyond that is where the new entrance is located. 

To take a train ride, guests must purchase a $3 ticket.  The easiest way to purchase is when you arrive at the front gate, just add it on to the admission purchase.


Then, whenever you’re ready, head to the train depot building and get in line.  There’s a stroller storage area inside the building for easy access, however, it does create a bit of a jam at the doorway between guests standing in line waiting to ride and guests just getting off the train trying to grab their stroller. 

When the train is clear of passengers, the train engineer will begin taking tickets for the next ride.  Guests can choose their seat between forward facing, rear facing, or family seating where a rear and forward seat are together. 


Once everyone is on board, the engineer returns to the engine and begins his spiel about keeping arms and legs inside the vehicle, if you drop anything, wait until the end of the ride and the employees would retrieve it, and that this ride would go around the zoo twice!  Always a treat to get a longer ride!

The ride along the rails is very smooth with a little bit of rocking as we go around the turns.  For the most part, we stay along the outside edge of the zoo, making our way past the iconic super size ZOO letter sign facing cars passing by the nearby street.  We also pass by several guest areas where train passengers gleefully wave and the zoo guests wave back. 


The ride also includes a pass through a covered bridge where the appropriate thing for kids to do is scream in unison.  The train then hits the home stretch where it will pass by the buildings and train depot.  The second time around, the train will begin to slow down and come to a stop just beyond the depot.  As it comes to an end, the engineer reminds you not to get out until we’re completely stopped.

See the video above for a unique perspective as we take a trip around the park. If you like my videos, please go to YouTube and subscribe to my channel! Thank you!

Did you enjoy the train ride story and video? Please leave a comment below to share your favorite zoo ride.


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